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My Scout Story

my scout

In The Beginning….

The story begins a long time ago…. approximately 35 years.

As a kid, I loved to hitch a ride on the rear bumper of the truck as it plowed the high school sidewalks during the larger snowstorms.  As the years went by, it seemed the snowstorms got smaller, and the truck was seen less and less.  At one point though, I even got to drive it myself.  Nobody in the school knew how to drive stick, and my mom was in charge of building maintenance.  Unfortunately, by that time, the poor little guy was so beat, it could barley stay running.  The transmission had been rebuilt several times, clutch replaced about half a dozen, and dents decorated almost every panel… battle scars of non-worthy drivers.

Well, the years have passed, and the little truck has given up.  It lay in the school garage, not being able to move, and nobody wanting anything to do with it.  The day has finally come for me to make my move.

To make a long story short, I end up getting the truck for free, and the gracious principal of the school even lets me keep it in the garage while I repair/restore it.  I end up donating $150.00 to the school because I feel like I should pay something for the Scout, and the very next day after receiving the registration, I begin working on it.  At this point is when I realize how great of a deal I really have….. The Scout is a 1967 Model 800, 4cylinder 196cu. in., and it has only 5077 original miles!!!


Here is a picture of the truck, as I found it.  As you can see, it needs quite a bit of bodywork.  Additionally, in order to get it running, I had to replace the coil, cap/rotor, and as a bonus, I added an MSD 6A capacitive discharge unit that I had laying around from my Jeep CJ7.  Once all of this stuff was in, the engine cranked right over, and the little Scout was once again running.

The problem came when I tried to actually get it to move it.  Due to the lack of qualified drivers throughout the years, the T90 transmission had been completely chewed up, and had to be removed.